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Happy happy happy birthday!
Love working with you and love YOU!
have a wonderful day -- the start of a wonderful year!!!


kim fuller

happy birthday to you!

Pam Kitagawa

Happy Birthday Kaycee!! Hope you going to celebrate!!


Happy Birthday to you from a BPS fan! Love the way you hung your CE cards! So fun! Maybe I'll do that with my 52 Card pick-up cards! Hope you have a great day!


Have a fun day, Kayce!! :) Lynette


Hope it's one of the best! And I agree, Blue Man Group ROCKS!!!

Amy H

Happy Birthday!


Happy BIrthday Kaycee!!! Tena

Lisa M

Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you do to bring us the amazing classes at BPS!

Kim Loewen've totally inspired me! Hope you had a great birthday and I love the list you made! :)


Lisa D

Happy Birthday sweet Kayce!!!


Happy Birthday Kayce! You do an awesome job with the BPS handouts etc, love your list!

Sue in Dubai

Laurie Patterson

Happy Birthday Kayce, a day late. You are great and I love how you make our classrooms look so wonderful. I hope your birthday was fabulous!

Colleen E

Just heard it was your b-day Kayce! Hope it was a really happy one. Thanks for all the amazing stuff you do in our YTR class - so glad to hear you're playing along with the card swap (very cute cards!). Mine are on my blog too.

I love your list and couldn't help thinking how together you sound for a 27 y/o! Seriously - hope my 17 y/o has all your smarts and good sense - I bet your parents are so proud of you (now I sound like a total dork-mom). xo Colleen Chi-Girl


Happy Birthday, Kayce


Happy birthday, Kayce! (Mine was October 14th :-) )

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